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One Digital Address: Connect wherever you want!

One Digital Address: Connect wherever you want!

What is an Address?

Addresses provide a means of a collection of information that physically locates a particular place.

What is a Digital Address?

It is also a collection of contact information with social media addresses that saved digitally and defines you in a Digital World.

Contact information can be an email address, mobile number, address, city, state, country, location, etc while social media address is a whole another thing.

Like everybody has some digital addresses for their social media platforms. They have some addresses for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and other social media platforms. But it seems a hectic thing to manage all the digital addresses and to remind them when we need them.

Here is the “One Digital Address” on LinkRick from where you can manage contact information and all other social media platforms. You need not worry if you would remember those digital addresses or not. Because LinkRick would remember those for you.

Nowadays it must have to use social media apps for promoting your business because social media tools allow you to get things done effectively and efficiently no matter where you are. For that, you need to share your business on every social media platform. You have different Digital Addresses for each social media platform. Obviously, you need to spend so much time to go to every platform and share your business information and also one thing that you probably don't have a lot of is "Time". Right?

What if you can have a single app from where you can share your business information or any update to your customers on every social media platform using a single Digital Address. It can save us so much time and effort.

LinkRick App has a Digital Address for a user from which he can share his business update to all the social media platforms wherever he wants! LinkRick App is kind of like the "One Tool to Rule Them All" for social media.

So, there you go, the LinkRick app can be used to save your time, effort and for sharing your business. Using the LinkRick app you can make impressive Digital Cards, share them on social media, post anything on social media walls and more. We’ll describe all the cool features of LinkRick in our next blogs.