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Think Business Card, Think Linkrick

Think Business Card, Think Linkrick

Global digitalization is changing faster than ever that just about everything has gone digital. There was a time when the paper was in trend and smartphones and digital screens were rare. And there is a time when papers are rare and digital screens and smartphone's are in trend. This is a Change! It’s not just about technology driving this change either, it’s about demand.

In today’s tech-savvy world, you need to design, store and send digital business cards to other mobile devices.

Our newly launched LinkRick App which allows you to not only create your own digital card but also scan and store the cards given to them.

With digital business cards, you no longer need to rummage around a drawer overflowing with business cards to follow-up on a connection. This app makes it easier than ever to organize your connections.

LinkRick App also provides you a platform to create and connect digital addresses for personal as well as business around the world. It helps you to link or follow people who matter for you personally and professionally. It’s a free app that keeps your links or contacts safe and secure. You can find all information like multiple phone numbers, multiple emails, profession, business type, address, location, direction, 50+ social links, website, unique QR, opening & closing time, Mobile Apps and their links.

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Many more about LinkRick App and we promise that it’s just a starting -

  1. Promote your business
  2. Share messages, URLs, images or YouTube videos
  3. Create your own stylish digital cards
  4. A great way to save and backup your phone contacts
  5. Prepare your all social media accounts links for you
  6. Updating is easy
  7. Great For Contact Management
  8. Eco-Friendly
  9. Store The Information Conveniently
  10. Last but not least - your business card ideas stand out from your competitors

By using this app, you're exchanging information with your contacts and making new connections. Also for some reason, if you lost your contact information, you need to just download LinkRick App to get all your links or connections back. You do not need to worry about losing your business. What else does anyone want because it takes so much time to make your business rise and lose it in minutes, right? You better prepare yourself for that and make yourself smarter than your competitors.

We think you're ready now to spread your business in the world of digital business as well as ready to contribute to making the environment more eco-friendly. Go Digital!