Digital Address and Digital Business Card for everyone!

LinkRick helps you to create Digital Address and Digital Business Cards for personal and business. It's Handy, up-gradable and shareable.

What is Digital Address ?

Digital Identity

LinkRick provides you a digital address, QR code and digital business card which uniquely represents your identity.

Manage Information

LinkRick let you manage all your social media accounts from one place. It also manage all your contact information & store your contacts on cloud.

Unique QR

LinkRick represents your unique identity through QR Code. Scan the QR Code to know more about person.

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Contact Management

Access and Manage your contacts anytime,anywhere. Secure storage & backup to restore your contacts to keep them organized, synchronized, and safe.

Product Portfolio

You can add your product details with catalog images to describe more about your business.

Swipe to Share

You can just share your profile information and digital cards with one swipe.

Experience Awesome Features

While using network regularly, linkrick app is important for you.
You can create your own personal Digital Business card for free.

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Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card is a digital format of traditional business card or visiting card which includes all of your contact and social details at single place. Digital business cards are easy to share and perfect to consolidate all of your accounts and contact details in one convenient view. The purpose of LinkRick digital business card is simple: to help you connect with more potential clients, partners, and co-workers.

Contact Management And Backup

LinkRick take a single piece of information-email address, phone numbers, address, social handle - and give you a more complete profile. Enriched, contextual data ensures you always contact the right person. We ensuring contacts are synced, up-to-date, and available wherever you are. Access and manage your contacts anytime, anywhere. Secure storage & backup to restore your contacts to keep them organized, synchronized, and safe.

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Business Promotion

LinkRick App is a digital platform that allows to reach your customers by spreading your business details with your social media linking. LinkRick helps you to boost your business reach in local & global market and provide you new business contacts of potential customers, so you will never run out of business.

What They Think About Us


Sakshi Ojha

LinkRick is unique and practical. The philosophy that I see in this app is that it revolves around people; it is easy to use and understand. It helps to resolve all contact related problems.


Ayush sharma

Great way to manage your contacts. Direct access of connectivity specially social media connectivity and man! it is much better. Contacts are update in real time with latest information.


Aman verma

I'm a user of LinkRick and I'm completely in love with it! easy & convenient to use.No more wasting paper & killing trees.. Now I have my own business address on me at all time.Thanks LinkRick!


Priyanshi Bapna

This app helps me to get all my contacts back after broken my mobile. Thanks for this beautiful app to help all people like me who lost their phone contacts mistakenly.Thanks,Linkrick again.

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